DenturesA denture is a removable appliance used to restore missing teeth, restore your smile and helps you to chew properly.

Dentures are a cheaper alternative to a bridge or implant for restoring missing teeth. They can be removed after meals and before bedtime to allow the patient to easily clean their gums and remaining teeth.

Dentures can have either be a metal or acrylic framework. We use high quality metal and acrylic materials to ensure your dentures fit precisely, so that they are more comfortable to wear and with time, will also feel quite natural in your mouth. We finish your dentures with a high gloss polish to reduce foods and stains from sticking to its surface.

Like your own teeth, dentures need special care to keep them looking great and feeling good for many years. Older dentures can be made to fit your gums better by having them relined, which can be a cheaper and better alternative to a new denture.

At our practice, dentures that need additional teeth or are broken can usually be repaired within a few hours.